Get Free " Vanilla Ice Cream Cone" from Dairy Queen

Redeem 100 AOT Point and Get Free "Icecream Vanilla Cone" By Dairy Queen

Valid at
Don Mueang International Airport branch
1. Terminal2 level 4, landslide
2. Terminal2, domestic departure hall, airside, gate 71-77

Chiang Mai International Airport branch
1. Airside International Terminal, Floor 2
2. Landside Domestic Terminal,  Floor 1

Phuket International Airport branch
1.  Departure landside (before X-ray), Terminal 1, Level 3
2.  Departure Airside (after X-ray), Terminal 1, Level 1

Hat Yai International Airport branch
1. Domestic Departure landside (Before X-ray), Level 1
2. Domestic Departure airside (After X-ray), Level2

Chiang Rai International Airport branch
1. Domestic Departure landside (before X-ray), Level 1

Term & Conditions

-  Start promotion 21 August 2019
-  100 Point Get Free Cone DQ free 1
-  Limited redemption per month
-  Privileges may not be traded or exchanged for cash.
-  Vouchers which have not been redeemed before the expiration date will be considered invalid and the holder may not demand refunds, reward points, or any other compensation no matter the situation.
-  The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice. If there is a dispute, the company's decision will be final.