Roles and Responsibilities
Closely watch, monitor, proceed or set up implementation procedures to get rid of or prevent the outbreak of disease including any international threat against the public health according to the Communicable Disease Act B.E.2523, the International Health Regulations B.E.2548 and other related laws. Also it has to improve the main capacity of country’s accessing channels in various aspects such as communications, main capacity in normal situation and how to deal with emergency incident on public health that may spread to other countries.

Monitor, screen and vaccinate passenger coming from communicable zone of Yellow Fever countries (Africa and South America) in order to prevent Thailand from the outbreak of disease. Such countries are

33 countries in Africa
1 Republic of Angola 
2 Benin 
3 Burkina Faso 
4 Burundi 
5 Cameroon 
6 Congo 
7 Central African Republic 
8 Ethiopia 
9 Chad 
10 Guinea-Bissau 
11 Gambia 
12 Guinea
13 Gabon
14 Liberia 
15 Kenya 
16 Mauritania 
17 Cote d’Ivoire
18 Ghana
19 Equatorial Guinea
20 Mali
21 Rwanda
22 Sao Tome and Principe
23 Senegal
24 Sierra Leone
25 Somalia
26 Sudan
27 South Sudan
28 Togo
29 Uganda
30 Tanzania
31 Democratic Republic of the Congo
32 Niger
33 Nigeria

13 countries in South America
1 Brazil 
2 Bolivia 
3 Peru 
4 Ecuador 
5 Guyana 
6 French Guiana 
7 Panama
8 Paraguay
9 Columbia
10 Venezuela
11 Suriname
12 Trinidad and Tobago
13 Argentina

  • Monitor and control hygiene of places and areas (food, vehicle, environment, insect/animal carriers) as well as get rid of those that may endanger to the health of people
  • Watch, control, prevent and follow the news and situations of communicable disease
  • Disseminate information and news about communicable disease to passenger and related people.

Location: Exit gateway into international arrivals.